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2023 Wedding Trends | New England Wedding Photographer

Let’s talk wedding trends! 2023 is going to another jam packed wedding season and it is already starting off with a bang. Looking for inspiration for your upcoming wedding? Look no further! Let’s dive into trends that have made an impact last year and are sure to be all the rage this wedding season.

wedding trends, vintage car, styled shoot, boston wedding photography

Bold Color Palettes

In the past, weddings have seen more muted and limited color pallets, mostly favoring white. Today, more and more couples are embracing color. Using bold and varied colors, couples are able to create an aesthetic that suites them more authentically and stands out! Color can be incorporated everywhere in a wedding day, from shoes and accessories, to flowers and decorations, all the way to table linens, plates, and glassware! For brides looking to be even more unique, colorful wedding dresses are quickly catching on.

wedding portrait in field of flowers, colorful wedding, boston wedding photographer

wedding table setting, colorful wedding, boston wedding photographer

floral wedding dress, colorful wedding, boston wedding photographer

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Another way to incorporate color into your wedding day is with mismatched bridesmaid dresses! Each member of the party being able to choose the cut of their dress has been in style for awhile, and is essential for everyone finding a dress that suites their body type and makes them feel the most comfortable. Each bridesmaid choosing their own color and pattern of their dress, takes this trend one step father! Usually the couple will provide guidance of what colors they would like their party members to choose from, and many also ask for final approval of the dress chosen. Mismatched bridesmaids look amazing in photos. This trend is a fun and unique way to tie together the color palette of the day.

mismatched bridesmaids, vermont wedding photography, colorful wedding

mismatched bridesmaids, vermont wedding photography, colorful wedding

Comfortable Shoes:

Brides are now ditching heels, and I don’t blame them! You are on your feet for hours during a wedding day. It’s down right exhausting, and having heels on the entire time can make it that much more difficult. Fashionable flats or even colorful and personalized sneakers have become a popular alternative! Many gowns cover your feet anyway, and even if they don’t, comfort on a wedding day is key. This can be a choice made for the entire day or a fun change for the reception. Many couples have even been providing flip-flops for their guest who want to ditch their heels during the reception as well!

wedding shoes, wedding flatlay, boston wedding photography

personalized wedding sneakers, colorful wedding, new hampshire wedding photography


For summer and spring weddings, parasails are absolutely in vogue! A parasol can be an elegant and vintage accessory, that can tie a bridal look together almost like a bouquet. Or it can be a fun accent to the bridesmaids attire as they walk down the aisle. They even can be offered to guests as a relief from the harsh sun during hot summer weddings. Nothing is better than having some shade on a hot summers day.

wedding parasail, wedding trends, bridal portrait, boston wedding photographer

wedding portrait, parasail, wedding fashion, boston wedding photographer

Statement Florals:

Each season, florals have been getting bigger and bigger! Floral arches, spilling bouquets, aisles lined with flowers, and even floral walls have all become elegant wedding staples. And they definitely are not shy about adding color. In my opinion, if you're going to splurge on just one aspect of your wedding day, make it the flowers.

floral arch, statement florals, wedding trends, new england wedding photography

wedding bouquet, statement florals, wedding trends, new england wedding photography

Having a Friend Officiate

An officiant is someone you are trusting with one of the most important moment of your life. It's an incredibly intimate moment to share with someone. Having that person be someone that knows you and your partner very well is so much more personal.A close friend or family member can share stories, explain how they have watched you both grow together over the years, and share their own personal wishes for your future. According to recent survey, %55 of Americans are now married by a friend or family member. Just make sure whoever you choose is ordained prior to your date and understands all the steps they have to follow in your state to make the marriage official. Pro tip, ask them to make sure they step aside for your first kiss so they aren't standing directly behind you in every photo.

wedding officiant, wedding ceremony, vermont wedding photographer

wedding officiant, wedding ceremony, cape cod wedding photographer

Vintage Get Away Cars:

Nothing is more romantic than a vintage get away car. These are usually white or neutral color. They can act as your transportation from the ceremony to reception, or they can be the car you step into after a wild send off at the end of the night. Either way, if you have one these at your wedding, make sure you take some photos with it!

vintage car, wedding get away car, styled shoot, boston wedding photographer

vintage car, wedding get away car, styled shoot, boston wedding photographer

Retro Vibes:

The 80’s are back and they are here to play! Disco balls, heart shaped sunglasses, and direct flash photography have been popping up everywhere, especially wedding receptions. It’s definitely something I'm enjoying seeing and can’t wait for more of it.

retro vibes, disco balls, wedding trends, direct flash

retro vibes, disco balls, wedding trends, direct flash


Sustainability has been prevelant in the wedding industry for years now. But today more than ever, couples are deciding to eco conscious when planning their day.

Some sustainable wedding trends include:

-Printing save the dates and invitations on recycled paper

-Choosing venues like wineries or botanical gardens where flowers are naturally growing everywhere, rather than resorting to wasteful decorations

-Replacing bouquets and floral arrangements with wooden or silk flowers

-Choosing to rent plates, glass wear, and any other decorations

-Donating purchased decorations afterwards

-Skipping fireworks and sparkler exits and opting for streamer, bubble, or even pom pom send offs

sustainable wedding decor, wooden flowers, eco friendly wedding, vermont wedding photographer

sustainable wedding decor, wooden flowers, eco friendly wedding, vermont wedding photographer

Content Creation

Content creators are the newest wedding vendors! Reels and tictoks are taking over social media nowadays, and couples want content to post as soon as possible. For some couples, sneak peaks of their photos just aren’t enough, they want behind the scenes videos for content. Some photographer and videographers are now offering content as an upgrade to their packages. They not only will take behind the scene videos all day, but also create videos for their couples to post on social media! Some coupes are even hiring content creators as separate vendors entirely.

wedding content creation, behind the scenes, boston wedding photographer

Surprise Hair Cuts During Receptions:

If you are a bride that has spent years growing out your hair for your wedding day, you might be excited for a change and ready for a hair cut after it all is over. Why not do it at the reception? Almost like a dress change, you can disappear and return with a whole new look! This is something you can surprise both your guests and your partner with! Having access to a hair stylist at your reception could be tricky. Some brides have a close friend they trust to do the cut, others will hire their hair stylist to come back for the reception. One of my favorite moments of this trend, was a bride whose close friend happened to be her hair stylist and stayed for the whole night as a guest!

Newlyweds Last Dance

Ending the night with a final dance, just the two of you, is a truly special moment you won’t regret. This moment singles the end of the night to your guests, but more importantly it gives you and your partner an intimate moment to your selves to take in all the love and cherish the moment. Some couples opt to have this dance while all their families and friends gather around to watch. Other couples choose to have all their guests exit the room, usually to prepare for a send off, and have the empty room all to themselves, creating a moment that is truly just for each other.

newly weds last dance, private last dance, wedding trends, new england wedding photographer

newly weds last dance, private last dance, wedding trends, new england wedding photographer

2023 wedding season has only just begun. I am so excited to see what other trends pop up throughout the season, and what stays popular in 2024!

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